Thursday, 17 May 2018

Learning Through Stories

Some of the amazing skills our children attain in the English lessons, are fluent reading and storytelling. We begin training already in class 1. Watch and listen how children are presenting their favourite stories.

A week ago Class 2 was reading the good old fairytale of "The Little Red Hen". The story is teaching that when you work hard and help others, you will feel satisfaction. After reading and making an oral report, everyone combined a comic-strip.

Class 3 read the story of "Clyde Monster" by R. L. Crowe. This story tells us why we shouldn't be afraid of monsters. After reading and discussing the story, the children drew pictures of their own monsters. They also wrote short descriptions.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Letters to Africa

First letters and photos are ready!

It all started in January. Our Minna Li's mother came to tell us about her voluntary work in Ghana, Africa. She suggested that we might consider beginning a partnership with one African school. The idea sounded exciting and in April, just before our spring holidays, we managed to get our first letters ready.

All the children (well, except those who were absent) wrote short letters to introduce themselves and our school. Even class 1 joined the project! The letters were posted last Friday (April 20) and should reach our new friends in Dasabligo Primary School in about 3 weeks. We look forward to hearing from them!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Busy All Year Through

It is the end of April. One more month to go before the great summer. During the school year, we have been busy learning in lots of different ways. I thought it would be great to remind them. So here we go!

In September we had a week-long project with our fellow students from Tartu International School. This time we had a wonderful chance to learn in Tartu. Our kids found new friends and could practice English in real-life situations.
Everyone is busy filling in a little book about oneself.

In the end of October, we celebrated Halloween with wearing appropriate costumes. As Halloween is not Estonian holiday but comes from the English-speaking culture, then we also explained its origins and learned about Halloween symbols.
Three scary witches found a home in the English classroom.

Everyone was "a little bit" different.

In November we spent 3 weeks playing! All the classes took part in the international word-game Word Mania. The word building game became unbelievably popular. Children were so eager that managed to get to the Great Final! Among 50 schools, our kids finished with super results:
Class 1 - 12th place
Class 2 - 10th place
Classes 3-4 - 17th place!
Class 2 is playing Word Mania.

In December we learned songs and poems connected to Christmas. Just as we do every year.

In January we already started our preparations for our annual Valentine's Day Language Party.

At the end of January, we had a topic-based day about Japan. Although this day was mostly in Estonian, we still had one workshop were we needed English. To understand the words of one Japanese song, we had to translate them through English. The song "Furusato" or "Old Country Home" sounded really beautiful. The original song sounds like this .

However, most of the time the children were working...


and working...

and the teacher was working too... :)

In February Class 4 students were busy with project work.

They presented their projects connected to Space. One of them was about creating a lightsaber.
Listen to Kaarel's presentation.

Another project was about thinking out one's own planet.

On February 14 we celebrated the Valentine's Day with our Language Party. This year we hosted our friends from Tartu Tera, Tartu International School, and Tartu Peetri School. Our children from classes 2 and 3 performed "The Weather Song" and class 4 stepped up with a sketch "How To Torture Your Teacher". They were SUPER!
Classes 2 and 3 performing. Watch and listen from here.
Class 4 giving some advice. Watch and listen from here.

March went by and April came. On April 2 our school celebrated the 5th birthday! We had a costume party and a concert.

Everyone was dressed up as a book character. 

Joosep and Anni stepped up with a sketch "Get Out of Bed!" You can watch it from here.

The weather in April proved to be spring-like a number of times. One day we could have all our English lessons outside. That was fun! Hopefully, we get another chance in May.
Class 3 is enjoying learning outdoors.